Pet Stain & Odour remover 750 ml

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Introducing The Jim's Cleaning Groups Very Own Pet Stain & Odour Cleaner!

New kitten or puppy?

Unexpected accident in the car?

Accidently tracked some forbidden chocolate through the front door?

The Jim's Cleaning Group Urine Stain & Odour Remover is designed to break down mess and odours into their basic elements for a more effective clean. Its biodegradable, multi-function enzyme formula completely eliminates all aspects of urine stains, making it ideal for cleaning up after pets.

Our Urine & Stain Remover Spray is apart of our environmental and family friendly enzyme-based cleaning products. This product range is plant derived and 100% chemical free. Perfect for residential and commercial cleaning.

Can be safely disposed of down drains, where it will continue to break down organic matter

Multi-function enzymes break down organic matter rather than moving mess around

Breaks down both urea and uric acid crystals

Is 50% more concentrated than other brands!

We use plant based enzymes for faster action!

Contains a powerful multi – function enzyme formula for immediate results

Is Australian made & environmentally friendly!