Oven Cleaner - 750ml

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Introducing The Jim's Cleaning Groups Very Own Oven, Cooktop & BBQ Cleaner!

Dirty cooktop or stained oven?

BBQ covered in built up fats and oils?

Sick of inhaling harsh Chemicals and fumes or worrying about accidently spilling it on yourself?

The surfactant blend in our Oven & Cooktop Cleaner breaks down stains of fats, oils and greases without giving off harsh fumes. The fats and greases that build up simply lift off the surface once the surfactants have penetrated the soil. The longer the dwell time the easier it is to clean.

Contains a proprietary surfactant based formula designed to break down fats, greases and oil.

Naturally lifts grease from all surfaces
Bio-based and naturally derived product.

Can be discharged down the drain.

Alkaline solutions, but with a low VOC and high boiling point makes it safer than most products in the market.