Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner - 750ml

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Introducing The Jim's Cleaning Groups Very Own Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner!

Unhappy accident's?

Grout starting to brown or discolor?

Our Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner is apart of our environmental and family friendly enzyme-based cleaning products. This product range is plant derived and 100% chemical free. Perfect for residential and commercial cleaning.

Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner
Has rapid penetrating action which breaks down and cleans accumulated debris

Eliminates odours by destroying the source

Multi Enzyme formula to give best results

Contains no phosphates or caustic ingredients that will damage tiles and grouting

Can also be used around toilets to break down urine and general staining before sanitising

Unique Multi function enzyme formula to break down all urine and organic matter inside toilet bowl

Contains no caustic ingredients – Won’t damage surface of toilet bowl that becomes pitted

Formula includes Citric acid that is designed to remove all calcium and hard water deposits in and around toilet

Specially designed formula to adhere to toilet bowl surface by means of using a foaming spray head

Can be disposed of down drains, enzyme will carry on breaking down organic matter in drains

Can be diluted down to 10:1 and used as a general bathroom cleaner