Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner - 1LTR Super Concentrate

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• Removes odours, soap scum & lime
• Non-Toxic formula
• Contains no ammonia, chlorine or bleach

Fill 750ml spray bottle half full of water.
Add six pumps of solution to spray bottle.
Fill balance of bottle with water. (This will stop
foaming when filling the bottle).
For Toilets:
Spray inside of toilet bowl liberally with product.
For clean toilets scrub surface with toilet brush
and then flush toilet.
For dirty toilets spray toilet. Let the solution
stand for 5-10 minutes, scrub with toilet brush
and then flush toilet.
All surfaces in Bathroom
For all tile, glass and fittings, add 1x pump into
750ml spray as outlined above, spray surface
down and wipe with a micro fibre cloth.
For Heavy soiled shower glass, spray glass
surface with solution, use a non–scratch pad to
agitate and loosen the calcium deposits, then
wipe down with a micro fibre cloth.